Comfort Zone [Single]

by .Vo.

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This song is going to be the only single I'm going to release for my upcoming EP that I will be dropping on my birthday on Oct. 17th called "Still Air". I'm going to be fully producing the EP so for once I'm going to have my very own project made my me and only me.


released September 12, 2014

Contains Samples from Soulstice - Fall Into You

Produced by VoMusic




.Vo. Daly City, California

I'm a simple Emcee/Producer who's main goal is to get his sound across to his respected listeners.

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Track Name: Comfort Zone
Verse One:
Lazy, you think you could play me,
Describe me in one word, crazy,
So many times i wanna adjust,
Like the lust, i watch how i cuss,

On the phone, cavity, blown,
Cuz im stoned, bad to the bone,
Why must you do this to i,
Get by and never try to lie,

I accept, and at times deny,
Magnify, and take it away,
(Imma try my best for you to stay)
So these are the cards i play,

Spreadin faster than disease,
Brain will squeeze thoughts in sprees,
Yes money doesnt grow on trees,
Life is a dream so dig in the seams.

Comfort Zone, i am alone,
Would you please stay upon the phone,
Im in my zone.

Verse Two:
Fact, you control what i feel,
Stack, fight for every time you deal,
Slack, dont give in, enhance the sin,
Bunch of average men, we strive to win,

Grin, times have always been rough,
Glimpse of the love, yes it is tough,
Rising above, below the heavens,
Steppin, tapping you out,

Without a doubt, taking a route,
Speak with the mouth, kill with the brain,
Throughout my life, im accustomed to slang, Words on a whole different type of wave length,

Call me the sphinx, ill make you think,
Overly damage your adam and eve,
Bob, weave, off speed,
You need to leave.