Still Air

by .Vo.

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This EP was first EP I decided to put together where it involved me getting really emotional in every bit of the tape. From beginning to end I describe personal takes of how I experience life. The title "Still Air" describes how I'm not myself when the consistent flow of Air that fuels my body is interrupted by moments of everyday life.

This is also the first time I actually produced the whole entire tape on my own. Each song is sampled that is. I made sure I gave the artist's credit.



released October 17, 2014

Produced by .Vo.

**Each song contains samples from miscellaneous artists; please see description for further detail**




.Vo. Daly City, California

I'm a simple Emcee/Producer who's main goal is to get his sound across to his respected listeners.

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Track Name: Comfort Zone
Verse One:

Lazy, you think you could play me,
Describe me in one word, crazy,
So many times i wanna adjust,
Like the lust, i watch how i cuss,

On the phone, cavity, blown,
Cuz im stoned, bad to the bone,
Why must you do this to i,
Get by and never try to lie,

I accept, and at times deny,
Magnify, and take it away,
**Imma try my best for you to stay,
So these are the cards i play,

Spreadin faster than disease,
Brain will squeeze thoughts in sprees,
Yes money doesnt grow on trees,
Life is a dream so dig in the seams.

Comfort Zone, i am alone,
Would you please stay upon the phone,
Im in my zone.

Verse Two:

Fact, you control what i feel,
Stack, fight for every time you deal,
Slack, dont give in, enhance the sin,
Bunch of average men, we strive to win,

Grin, times have always been rough,
Glimpse of the love, yes it is tough,
Rising above, below the heavens,
Steppin, tapping you out,

Without a doubt, taking a route,
Speak with the mouth, kill with the brain,
Throughout my life, im accustomed to slang, Words on a whole different type of wave length,

Call me the sphinx, ill make you think,
Overly damage your adam and eve,
Bob, weave, off speed,
You need to leave.
Track Name: Addiction
Verse One:
Things be itchy,
From the city to the town,
Wherever i go, i follow the sound,
Look what i found, loud
Rocking the crown,
Bound, frown, upside down,
Yes, Ignite the crowd,
feelin so proud, kick to the edge,
By all means walk right straight to the dead,
Exit the life, step into daze,
Is it the craze? It will erase,

Temporarily, never heard of me?
I am the one, who will stun,
Others have fun, when they see what ive done,
Many will laugh, i give the pass,
See who will last, lessen the mass,
Dont even ask if you're up for task,
Moving too fast, why move slow?
Friend or Foe, eyes on the centerfold.

Im addicted,
Im committed,
I Cant Stop,
I Wont Stop.

Verse Two:
Mandatory, for the stressed,
Need to invest, and dont make a mess,
There was power, then straight finesse,
Sometimes sour within the flesh,
I dont understand, why do you lie,
I came by, always tried,
To ride, it out,
Foul, ball, you made the call,
Hands on the wall,

I will divide, fry, rupture your brain,
Try, to entertain, sky limit insane,
I see you switch lane,
follow the mind games,
Running on butane,
things are the same,
Gather the spare,
Change over there,
You might go away, but hell if i cared,
More time to spare,
More time for me,
More time for who?
No time for you.

Im addicted,
Im committed,
I Cant Stop,
I Wont Stop.
Track Name: Blur
Verse One:
Blink, steady, focus, heavy,
You see me, but it wont be pretty,
For i command the visions, feeme?
dont like making decisions, feeme?

Empty, the tank of the tear, the fear,
I must wipe, rub, scratch to clear,
Hit em wit a spear, if they bound to look,
Violence, highness, thats what it took,

The way be fair, ray to the ban,
Con to the tact, move with the hand,
feelin really dry, ask me why,
Red as the white, surrounding the eye,

Spy, my drive by, you can try,
To hide from the cooper first name sly,
Sneaky as v, adding the O,
slappin the .Vo., natural glow.

Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur,
I cant see much without my glasses on,
Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur,
Easy on the eyes so it cant be wrong.

Verse Two:
Is that you? I cant tell,
The mind comes up with its own conclusion,
Heres a solution, maybe the glasses?
Faded when the ultra violet passes,

Shades, spades, clubs, diamonds,
Good for the heart, only cause im rhyming,
Timing, finding, waving at strangers,

Major, savior, sound to the ear,
But i fear, many follow the peers,
Others, brothers, rise in numbers,
Mothers, there, father hovers,

Adds a touch, to mind, body,
Soul, foggy, daly, city,
Smudges on my lenses really,
Dirty, nerdy, typical kerby.

Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur,
I cant see much without my glasses on,
Blur, Blur, Blur, Blur,
Easy on the eyes so it cant be wrong.
Track Name: Habits
Here i go again, as im trying to contend,
And ammend, all that blends,
Maybe that the things that i do,
Is a Pat, turn, must burn,
Slur words,
You might notice that im very observe,
Ent, sent to the dome,
Im of type of cat, that attacks the zone,
going for the split, maybe the cut,
Up from 12 to the 6, down for the mix,
Money, honey, sweet like sugar,
I stay around, and hang like a booger,
Shoulda, coulda, woulda, butter,
Bad for the stomach, head for the summit,
Man the people love it, slap it in the public,
Kick it, shove it, do what ever,
Never say never, double negative,
Dont you think this is bad for the kids?
Try to teach a lesson, that was my mission,
Call it a profession, i had a vision,
Me living, you sleeping,

This is a habit. (3x)
And i have it.
Track Name: Escape
Sometimes i wanna leave people,
Since they dont see me as equal,
Balance, habits, i must have it,
If i dont, then i do damage,

But of course, open doors,
This is yours, check the score,
Caught up in everything that life has in store,
I must be the one to tell you im bored.

Run, away,
You need, to escape,
Run, hide,
Are you? Alive

Verse 2:
See if you cant cut the cord,
Yea we live in a world of noise,
Most times i question the source,
But for this you need no voice,

All day i dream about peace,
As silence blows like the breeze,
Meditate, renovate, please,
You're a bird that flies overseas,





I guess were at it again,
Enter the land of waste,
Are you a friend?
Look at your face,
Keep up the pace,
Chasing the life that you put into waste,
Inch of the taste,
Watery eye, drop of the pain,
Vo in disguise,
All of these lies,
I must retire, not till the grave,
Frequent flyer, gold elite,
I must inspire, before i speak,
Why do i seek? Forget the week,
Often the day, looks like ill pay,
Another delay? Relay the play,
What did i say?
No its okay,
I made you stay.

Run, away,
You need, to escape,
Run, hide,
Are you? Alive